Bushfire fighting services have joined with Aussie Pumps in warning farmers and home owners of an early bushfire season this summer! Fires have already occurred in many areas of New South Wales.

Australian Pumps ‘Fire Ready’ program for 2018 is up and running to help people get prepared for what looks like a very dangerous summer.

“The dry winter has brought not just a devastating drought. It’s also brought the danger of extreme bushfires as scrub, trees and general vegetation has become tinder dry”, said Aussie Pumps’ Product Manager, Brad Farrugia. The company has got a huge program on for genuine Honda powered Aussie Fire Chief pumps and the mighty “Mr T” twin impeller job.

The Aussie Fire Chief is a simple, robust, high performance engine drive, self priming fire pump that outperforms both single and twin impeller competitor pumps in a number of ways. It boasts a 500 litre per minute maximum flow, and offers a maximum delivery head of 75 metres. That’s over 100 p.s.i. pressure!

It’s powered by a Honda GX160 or GX200 engine with recoil and electric start options. The pump also primes fast, and beats all competitors with a massive suction lift of 7.6 metres.

For applications requiring more pressure, Aussie’s Mr T delivers heads to 95 metres. It relies on a Honda 9 or 13hp heavy duty industrial petrol engine and comes with a full roll frame.

“More people are going with electric start these days whether it’s Honda petrol or top quality diesels like Yanmar, Kubota or Hatz. When there’s a fire coming, nobody wants to wrestle with a recoil cord when they can have instant performance just by turning a key”, Farrugia said.

The company’s new guide for fire safety is out already! Free copies are available from Aussie Pumps, along with copies of their “Drought Proof Australia” brochures describing how governments could move to provide farmers and our growing cities with water security!