Glenorie Rural Fire Brigade News


We are currently recruiting for new members to join the Brigade. With more people moving in to the area the needs of the community are increasing and we need members to be able to assist when we are called. We are especially interested in those people who are new to the area, as the Brigade offers the opportunity to meet new people, get to know the area, provide training and help the community. Minimum requirement after completing the basic training course (scheduled to commence late September) is 1 Monday evening and 1 Saturday afternoon per month for ongoing training, then incidents when available.

Always Improving

The Rural Fire Service provides many opportunities for members to increase their skills and experience. We currently have 2 members on the Crew Leader Course. This course qualifies individuals to lead a team and manage an incident. We have another member on an Advanced Fire Fighting Course focused on navigation, pumping and fire behaviour. We have another member on the Community Safety Facilitator Course, which helps individuals and the Brigade better communicate with you in the community. Finally, we will have 3 members attending the Driving Course allowing our members to drive our vehicles in emergency situations under lights and sirens.

Declared Drought

99% of the state including the Sydney Metropolitan area is drought declared. With weather forecasts indicating a continued rainfall deficiency plus increased temperatures, the time to start getting your property prepared and Bush Fire Survival Plan completed is now. We will be in significant Bush Fire risk in a matter of weeks; it is therefore essential you are prepared now. With this weather forecast in mind we urge residents to be extra vigilant when carrying out pile burns. Make sure the pile is well contained as fires can easily escape in the current dry conditions which may lead to damage of your property and surrounding properties. All pile burns must have continuous supervision and be fully extinguished once completed.

For further information go to or contact the Brigade: Station Phone: 9652 2017 (leave a message and someone will get back to you) or talk to a real person, James: 0422 168 914. Visit the brigade stand at the Glenorie Growers Market on the fourth Sunday of the month in the grounds of Glenorie RSL. Facebook: Glenorie Rural Fire Brigade