Arcadia is Getting Ready

The Get Ready Weekend is nearly upon us, and Arcadia has been busily planning an informative, inclusive, and exciting day for the residents of Arcadia and its surrounds. We will be opening up our station from 11am on September 22nd, where we will be engaging with our locals on the bush fire hazards and risks specific to Arcadia. This is an important weekend for us and you! Not only does it allow us to get to know our residents better, but it opens up the conversation in a way to discuss and understand how we can support each other in the event of such an incident to occur. Bring the kids along too! Children are an untapped resource, they provide a sense of calm and can aid adults in following their plan. Creating a family safe plan is vital, including all members of your family will help brainstorm alternative ideas, provide each member with a thorough understanding of the risks of where you live, and also how to survive. Everyone can learn about types of fire, behaviour of fire, how to prepare for fire, safe fire practices, how to call for help, and how communities can recover and develop resilience from bush fires. The summer of 2002 was the last time fire threatened our utopia, but we cannot become complacent.

Arcadians have been taking advantage of these cooler months, and if we’re not preparing for hazard reductions we’ve been assisting some of our locals with their property maintenance. Now is the perfect time to get that maintenance under control, before we opt for swimming over gardening and repair work in sweltering heat. We’ve been assisting elderly residents clean up their yards and get their piles burnt whilst the temperatures have been favourable. Keeping lawns manicured and trees trimmed is one of the easiest ways to minimise bush fire risks. By minimising the fuel load surrounding your home you’re making the most of your asset protection zone. General repairs to your home and property will further minimise the risk of fire; ensuring gutters are cleaned, roofs are in good order, and static water supplies and pumps are regularly tested will contribute to keeping your home safe. In Arcadia we are surrounded by many rural properties, and it will help up help you if we have easy access to your driveway and space to turn around. The dimensions of our heavy tankers are 2.4m wide, 3.1m high plus aerials, and 7.8m long.

However, making a plan and preparing your property is the most important thing you and your family can do. We cannot guarantee a truck will arrive at your home if a bush fire threatens Arcadia. Remember to always have the appropriate permits for pile burns, and notify your local Fire Control Centre before lighting the pile.

Arcadia has not been confined to hazard reductions and property maintenance, we’ve been training and participating in the Hornsby/ Ku-Ring-Gai District Exercise. This event, held in the Mt Kur-Ring- Gai industrial area, saw 14 teams compete and showcase their skills in a variety of simulated incidents, ranging from first aid, to hazmat and motor vehicle accidents with numerous and at time uncooperative casualties, and a navigation exercise. A hearty congratulations to all the teams who made their brigades proud, successfully completing the day, and came home in good spirit. These exercises put our training into practice, so we are prepared to attend the call when it comes through.

Arcadia is an inclusive and friendly brigade. If you are interested in joining please email [email protected]