Glenorie Rural Fire Brigade

It probably isn’t necessary to point out that hazard reduction burning has started in and around Sydney. It was easy enough to see and smell it in our community. Glenorie saw a large area strategically burned to help reduce the fuel loads in surrounding bushland areas.

By undertaking hazard reductions in a controlled and timely manner, we significantly reduce the chance of experiencing out of control fires as experienced in the summer of 2019- 2020. Fire crews from all over the district joined in to make this hazard reduction a particularly safe event. We were able to have patrolling vehicles and vehicles stationed at properties to ensure containment lines were not breached and that all assets were safe.

The Glenorie Brigade attended one property where Loraine lived. Loraine had experienced the bush fires that raged through Glenorie almost 20 years ago and was concerned about the safety of this incident. All went very well on her property and Loraine’s place, as well as many other properties in and around Glenorie, are now more bush fire safe.

We also want to say a big thank you to Loraine for the treats left for the firefighters. We found brownies and an esky of cold drinks around lunchtime. We appreciated the gesture and made short work of the brownies.

You don’t have to leave us anything at all; we are happy to carry out our jobs with no expectation of reward. We are here to serve the community, and as members of the RFS, we all get a special kick out of that, and that is reward enough.

Cooler months are an excellent time to check your property for ways that you can reduce potential fire hazards. It is also essential at this time to be sure your home has recently tested operating smoke alarms. Check heating devices and their cords to make sure they are undamaged. Be sure the flue of any stoves or chimneys are clean and clear of blockages.

Come and see us if you would like assistance in identifying how you can improve the fire safety of your home and property. Fire Brigade

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