Glenorie Progress Association

GLENORIE PROGRESS ASSOCIATION’S (GPA) engagement with Councillors and Members of Parliament has been paying off. GPA members raised the speed limit of Whites Road with Member for Hawkesbury Robyn Preston MP. Very quickly after that meeting Robyn released the announcement:

“Safety will be improved for motorists at Glenorie with changes to speed limits along Whites Road and Boronia Road at Glenorie from late June.

Member for Hawkesbury Robyn Preston MP said Roads and Maritime Services carried out a speed zone review after requests from the community to reduce speed limits on these roads.

“Roads and Maritime will be installing a 60 km/h speed limit along Whites Road and Boronia Road to provide more consistent journeys for all motorists,” Ms Preston said.

Thank you, Robyn Preston, for the quick action and GPA members for keeping safety a priority.

The planning committee of the GPA has also been meeting with great results. The objective has been to provide town planners at both Hills and Hornsby Shire Councils with widely consulted guidance on development, if there were to be any development in Glenorie. Again, the objective is that if there is be development in Glenorie in the future, then it should be community led development rather than being dictated to by developers who don’t live in the community.

A summary of the objectives:
Maintain the village of Glenorie. That is, a village surrounded by larger properties with green space.

Any development should release publicly accessible and connected green space or parklands.

Connectivity: walking and bike paths throughout any new development.

Infrastructure before development: roads improvements and transport services to support any increase in population. Even items like the capacity of the preschool should be considered.

A mix in uses. More commercial, retail and industrial opportunities in a planned manner as well as a mix of housing.

Sustainability: sewage processing, solar power and water use should be considered and incorporated.

We are working with councils to develop some draft plans for Glenorie. Hills Shire Councillor Dr Peter Gangemi, promptly organised a planning session with Hills Shire Planners and that will be held in July. We are hoping to be able to revert to the community with some visualisations of options for development that the community can give their opinion. Again it is important to note, that we are not pushing for development, but rather being pre-emptive about where and how development is done in Glenorie if it is to occur.

The KOALAS IN THEIR ENVIRONMENT DAY on Saturday 18 May was a successful community event coordinated by the Glenorie Progress Association and Environment Centre, Cattai Hills Environment Network and Dr Michelle Ryan and Serene White from Western Sydney University. The day was held to educate and involve the community in the Koala Project being run by the University in the Glenorie/Maroota/Cattai areas to assess koala populations. Michelle gave talks on the project and Koalas in general. The information was well received, and many people put their names down to be included in the project as required later in the year.

An application for My Community Project, MCP19-04473: Glenorie Memorial Cenotaph safety barrier and landscaping has been lodged to ensure that the barriers around the Glenorie Memorial Cenotaph are adequate for ANZAC day services. We are hoping this grant will be awarded later in the year.

What initiatives would you like to see actioned in Glenorie. Have your say.

You can make a meaningful contribution to the progress of Glenorie. What do you think of: Netball Courts at Les Shore Reserve, or maybe a skate park? Do we need a path from the village to the oval? Does Ted Schwebel Park need toilets and shade? Whatever the idea or need, Hornsby and Hills Councils as well as State and Federal Governments appreciate the input of Glenorie Progress Association to assist in their planning and expenditure.

Glenorie Progress Association exists to give you an effective voice within the Glenorie community, particularly working with local Councils and State Government. Come along.

General meeting to be held 7pm meeting Thursday 11th July. AGM to be held 8 August 2019. Glenorie RSL.