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His Convicting Work.

The Holy Spirit comes to the person concerned and says,’You are a sinner in the sight of God and you need a Saviour. You need Jesus Christ’. But he not only speaks about sin, He always points to Jesus Christ who can save us from that sin and it’s consequences.

Here is a remarkable principle: When we accept what He has said, then the Holy Spirit goes on with His Divine Work. In fact, until we do accept what He has said, He cannot go on. The principle remains the same all through our Christian life. He may reveal to us as a Christian a particular truth, which has an application to our lifestyle. The Spirit says to us,’ Will you accept the truth?’ Until we say yes He cannot go on with His work of applying Christ to our lives.

So the first words we hear from the Holy Spirit are spoken as he comes to us convincing us of our sin and the need of a Saviour.

What kind of a reception is He given?

When the Holy Spirit knocks at our heart’s door, He often receives all kinds of excuses, just as you might if you were looking for a place to stay.

Some places you visit are full already and have no vacancy. At other places the people are to busy to talk to you. ‘Come back some other time’ they say. Or in still other places you find that there are certain conditions which would prevent you from living there.

So it is with the Holy Spirit. He finds many hearts already full and He discovers that they have no room at all for Jesus Christ. He goes to another heart and says,’ Have you any room for Jesus?’ They say,’ We are too busy just now. Come back some other time’. And so the excuses go on.

But here and there,now and again, a person says ‘Yes I know I am a sinner. I know I need Jesus Christ’. He is what I need to save me. I take Him now. I invite Him into my life’ The door is opened, Jesus Christ comes in and that person is born again. (to be continued)

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