Galston High School: Fostering Confidence and Safety

Over the last month, Year 9 and 10 Galston High School studying the Physical Activity and Sports Studies elective took part in an exciting self-defence program led by Sven Midri, an expert Krav Maga instructor from Krav Maga Self Defence, Castle Hill and a former student of the school. The lessons fostered physical fitness, self-confidence, and personal safety skills.

Krav Maga emphasises practical defence techniques and instinctive responses, with the program consisting of four age-appropriate lessons, introducing the basics of self-defence, including strikes, kicks, and releases from common grabs and chokes. There was emphasis also on situational awareness and decision-making in potentially dangerous scenarios.

In addition to physical techniques, the program explores self-defence’s psychological and social dimensions. Students learn to understand and assert personal boundaries and manage aggressive or threatening behaviour. These skills are invaluable not only in hazardous situations but also in everyday social interactions.

Feedback from students was overwhelmingly positive. Comments have praised the engaging teaching style of Sven and the practical knowledge gained. One student noted, “I really enjoyed it; it was very helpful. I would never put myself in a situation where I need to use it, but knowing what to do is good.”

With a focus on physical fitness, mental fortitude, and empowerment, especially for women, this program is an exciting addition to Galston High School’s curriculum, equipping students with the skills they need for personal safety and self-assurance.

Galston High School: Fostering Confidence and Safety