Galston Early Learning Centre

The Early Childhood National Conference for 2018 is being held in Sydney this year! We are delighted to announce that we have been able to offer this great opportunity to Amy Kosilo and Kathryn Smee, who have worked very hard together over the past year to improve our educational program.

Amy and Kathryn have shared their passion for Early Childhood throughout this time and we hope that this opportunity will further their knowledge as well as motivate them to bring back some diverse and innovative ideas for the rest of our team!

The conference this year will bring together the world’s best thinkers and experts in early childhood to learn from, share their knowledge and inspire the participants to work together to be the difference in their individual work environments.

On behalf of Galston Early Learning Centre we will like to say a big thank you to Amy Kosilo and Kathryn Smee for all their hard work and dedication to their individual roles. We hope you enjoy your time away and look forward to hearing about what inspired you and how these ideas could improve our centre.

Please come visit our lovely centre on Friday the 19th of October to enjoy our Twilight Markets!

If you have any further questions please feel free to contact the Centre Director Daniela Balmer on 9653 1475.