Galston District Garden Club

The Garden Club has some very good news. We are meeting on the 9th March at 7.30 in the Galston Community Hall, Arcadia Rd. Galston.

We welcome back members, new members and visitors. We will make the meeting Covid Safe as possible. Please do not come if you are unwell. If you are double vaxxed, wonderful. We will space the setting and provide sanitizer and wipes.

We understand that from the 1st March masks need not be worn but for our first meeting lets wear masks. Also, all going well our Open Gardens Weekend will once again be held in October.

Driving around the suburbs lately have you noticed the wonderful colours of the Crepe Myrtles. They are not a large tree and very suitable for a smaller front or backyard.

When a garden is on the smaller side, it only takes a few changes to transform the space. Trees are the most obvious and most impactful update you can make in a garden. They will dictate the character of the garden with their different colours, textures and forms. They can provide us with shade and interest and food/shelter for local wildlife. No backyard is complete without at least one lovely tree.

For later summer flowers and fiery Autumn tones there are few trees that are as hardy and beautiful as the Crepe Myrtles. The bright green foliage with plumes of flowers make for a spectacular show. In Winter the silky, mottled trunk is a striking sculptural element. Being a deciduous tree means you will have the sun in the yard on those lovely winter days and shade in summer.

If your garden is in need of some bold colour, but you don’t want to go with a deciduous Crepe Myrtle, Corymbia Wildfire is a compact growing native and maybe just what you are searching for.. It is also an excellent choice for attracting wildlife to the garden, and it’s bold colours make it a standout in the landscape.

For more information regarding the Galston District Garden Club please visit our website: or email [email protected].