Galston Concerts – We’ll Meet Again

Is ‘No News’ also ‘Good news’?
The Galston Concerts team still have hopes that their end-of-year Galston Gala can happen as scheduled on Sunday afternoon 21st November.

The Galston Uniting Church, a proven winner for performers and audience alike, will be all set to roll if the government decrees and Uniting Church ‘HQ’ give the OK.

Until then it’s “We’ll meet again, we know where just don’t know when”.

A few other song titles come to mind, especially noting the companion photo of a past Galston Concert playing to a capacity crowd.

“Those were the days” may be appropriate noting that the pianist in the photo is Bernard Walz of the Good Old Days Concerts the very popular series in the Sydney Town Hall also in limbo while the entertainment and arts industry waits for a return of better times.

Whether 21st November or a further delay till 2022 the concerts team have a long list of ideas, performers and programs lined up. Not only the Young Performers who are pencilled in for November but also a return of some past professional favourites.

Some ‘New faces’ too, with the NSW Police Big Band and a tango orchestra on the cards if and when live concerts return. Rumour too of a string quartet in residence to ‘cameo’ in various events.

Until decisions come through it’s “Thanks for the memories”, of concerts in years past and the two programs which happened earlier this year.

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