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News From The Friends Of Fagan Park

Corona Virus continues to rule our lives!
My previously expressed optimism on a return to near normal was dashed by the Northern Beaches and Berala based outbreaks, and now of course by fear of an outbreak of the more transmissible strain. Whilst we are permitted to continue our Tuesday working days, opening of the museums and conducting our traditional Australia Day Open Day was out of the question.

The Howard Hauler has been completed to the point where it has had its maiden run, though with a temporary gear change. Its original donor located a couple of the original gear change parts, and we are now setting it up as close to original as we can. The electric start works well, so we have a unique machine, the only one known with electric start!

Friends Of Fagan Park
Howard Hauler first run

We reached a significant milestone on the International truck when on 15 December we were able to roll it out into the light of day on its own wheels for the first time for a photo shoot. The adaption of modern bearings in the rear wheels was successful, and things such as brakes etc all work as they should. We hope by the end of January to install the engine, but it is still a long way off being able to proceed under its own power. We continue to work on the design of the tray and cab in anticipating of having the timber available soon.

In December we farewelled the long-time Park Supervisor, Scott Forbes, who has retired. Scott had always supported our activities strongly, and he will be missed. Tim Groves has taken over his duties. Upon our return in January, our gardeners, Jean and David, were madly catching up on tidying up the Homestead garden that had exploded into growth with all the rain and mild weather. It is looking as good as it has ever been. If you would like to contact us, call Ian 0419 435 475, or Vern Howard Hauler first run 0405 703 413.