Local company, Australian Pump, say there are five factors to consider when buying a pump to protect your property this season. They are as follows;

1. Pump Performance. Check out the actual pump performance and the curve of the product you are buying. Don’t rely on a salesman telling you that anything with a Honda engine must be the same quality. The performance is everything and that gets back to how much water you can throw at a fire in the quickest possible time. It can be life or death.

2. Quality of components. Comparing Aussie Pumps with competitors is chalk and cheese. Aussie’s impeller weighs significantly more (up to 3 ½ times) of competitors, providing longer life and better performance. The huge 7 ½ “ diameter gives more pressure and more flow at pressure.

3. Fast priming is essential. Some third world pumps will only prime from 3 metres. The average fire pump will prime through a vertical lift of 6m. The Aussie Fire Chief will prime through a vertical lift of 7.6m depths!

4. Warranty. Most fire pumps come with a one year pump end warranty. Aussie gives an exclusive and unique five year warranty with all of it’s Aussie QP pumps, including the Aussie Fire Chief. Why? Because the pump is simply performs better and is built to a quality standards others can’t achieve.

5. Price. Getting a top quality fire pump like the Aussie Fire Chief means paying a fair price. The company doesn’t inflate it’s prices to give artificial discounts to dealers. Quite the opposite, they believe the dealers should make a fair margin. The user should buy at a fair price which is the advertised price.

For further info see the movie on “5 Reasons”

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