Be Ecowise when building your rural property

When buying property, with a view to building in a rural area with townwater, many buyers are unaware that they will need a wastewater management plan, along with a wastewater treatment system, to process household wastewater, as townwater means that there is no connection to the Sydney Water metropolitan sewerage system.

Aerated Wastewater Systems are very effective in moving and processing the wastewater throughout the various chambers within the treatment system.

From solid waste matter it becomes clear odourless water by the end of the process for disbursement onto your lawn or non edible shrubs, making it an effective irrigation system and eco-friendly at the same time.

The positioning of irrigation sprinklers is critical, as its preferable not to let the wastewater enter natural waterways or dams, as it may upset the aquaculture.

Correct and regular servicing of your wastewater treatment system is very important to its functionality, and technicians should not be taking short cuts with your servicing.

Quarterly servicing is a local council requirement, with field service reports required to be submitted to council on a quarterly basis, correct servicing requires specialised equipment, not just an empty spring water bottle and some chlorine tablets.

Servicing correctly also requires analysing, checking and recording of chemical, oxygen and ph levels.

Checking of irrigation pumps, aerator, control panel (including alarm), cleaning and checking also of baffles, outlet filter and aerator should also be performed.

Choosing a reputable and qualified wastewater service technician is also critical, as correct and regular servicing and monitoring of your system should prevent most breakdowns, as these can be costly and involve downtime waiting for parts and a technician to come out.

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