Dooral Early Learning Centre Opens

A lovely open day was organised for the official opening of the Dooral Early Learning Centre in Middle Dural. The centre was officially opened by Mayor Dr Michelle Byrne, Dural Rotary Club President George Truelove, aborignal elder Mr. Davis-King and Mr Renshaw.

A centre was blessed by Mr Davis-King who played the didgeridoo. The children, who were already enrolled, sang songs and the staff enjoyed showing us around their beautiful new learning centre.

Dooral is an aboriginal word, an aboriginal name meaning ‘hollow tree on fire at the bottom and smoking at the top’. Aborigines used to smoke possums out of trees by lighting a fire at the bottom. Dural was once covered by a dense tall forest and was inhabited by the Darug people. The trees were cut out for the need of Sydney development.Dooral Early Learning Centre has a dream, we plan every child who is from Dooral ELC will plant a tree for the community on their 5th Birthday.