Don’t eat this turkey rhubarb!

Last month I was digging up turkey rhubarb (Acetosa sagittata) on my place. It is an evil vine that can cover your whole garden, including trees, if allowed to spread. To remove it, you need to follow the roots and remove the underground tubers. These can be about the size of a ping pong ball, or slightly bigger. I’d been doing it all morning and was getting bored.

Then came a surprise! Several roots gathered together and went down deep. I dug, and dug, and dug, and pulled up this deformed monster of a tuber shown in the picture. I washed it, cut off the straggly bits and weighed it – 530 grams.

Not wanting to waste an opportunity, Landcare now issues the great Tuber Challenge. We will donate an outstanding trophy to anyone who personally digs up a heavier tuber. You must pass the trophy to anyone who beats your tuber.

My cunning plan is that this will help remove this nasty weed from the District. So please, if you have it on your place, start digging.

For more information, see or Facebook.

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