“Do You Have Solar On Your House?”

Is a question I get asked all too often.
I was one of the early adopters of solar in my previous house in Rouse Hill. In 2010 we had installed a 4kw system to take advantage of the generous government feed in tariff of 60c.

In 2015 we sold our house, bought land and rented a house while we waited on our land to register to build our house for the next stage of our lives. This process, as some will know, took around 2 yrs and all the while we were paying for power. This was something which I found hard to do since our previous bills were in credit every quarter.

Since moving into the new home in late 2017 I planned on installing a battery system for maximum gain of solar power and wanted to beat the bills and go back to not paying for power once again. Toward the end of last year the industry was really busy which meant that there was no time to install our system,,, until now.

So what system did I choose for my own home you ask….?
Well to me there is really only one option and that is the SolarEdge system that is optimised on every panel so I know exactly what every panel is producing and have the security of knowing that, in the event of a warranty claim, I can get all panel data to speed up the process and would still have a system performing to almost full specs in the meantime.

The inverter has 12yrs warranty, which is the longest out of box warranty available, connects up with the device called an OPTIMISER which attaches to every panel and enhances the capability of every panel. These devices have 25 yr warranties.

The panels we choose are the SUNTECH 300watt Mono panels with black frames and black racking system to ensure the system was aesthetically pleasing and subdued against the dark roof. SUNTECH is one of the best panels in the world and has been manufactured for over 20yrs. They are one of the few brands that offer the 12yr manufacturers warranty as well as the 25yr performance warranty.

And then there is the Battery…..
Even though I am a huge fan of the Tesla Powerwall2 I am also a big fan of the LG Chem Energy storage system.

This Unit integrates with the Solaredge system seamlessly and gives the highest efficiency results for absorbing and supplying the excess solar energy into the home for the greatest saving.

The LG Chem Stores 10kWh of energy and gets my home through the night on most occasion .

Feel free to contact us at Skyline Solar to find out more about these and other systems.

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