Construction Starts on Arcadia’s NBN Tower

RESIDENTS might have noticed some construction work happening behind Arcadia Rural Fire Station. These workers are from NBN Co, and are erecting an NBN Fixed Wireless Tower which should be operational by September this year.

The Fixed Wireless connection utilises data transmitted over radio signals to connect your premises to the nbn™ broadband access network. Data can travel from this transmission tower as far as 14 kilometres to an NBN outdoor antenna that has been fitted to the premises. From the information supplied by NBN Co, it appears that your outdoor antenna must have ‘line of sight’ to the NBN Fixed Wireless tower to gain a good broadband access. It has been reported from online groups using Fixed Wireless connections that speeds can fluctuate due to distance from the tower and congestion on individual cells. The latter is particularly relevant during peak useage hours.

As we get closer to September, residents are advised to seek prices from the many providers as plans and prices will vary. Beware of scam callers who are currently calling residents to sell ficticious plans