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Pure Water Solutions AWTS
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An Pure Water Solutions AWTS is a domestic septic treatment plant. Those living in the city or built up areas have the convenience of waste being flushed into a central system but for those in outlying areas installation of an Aerated Waste Treatment System is essential. Some properties still function on a trench system but this approach is being gradually replaced as they are problematic to our waterways.

Generically known as envirocycles , all new builds are required by council to install an Aerated Wastewater Treatment System Pure Water Solutions AWTS (AWTS).

Councils have a strict code regarding installation and upkeep of these systems and once operational they require that the property owner arrange quarterly inspections and servicing from a qualified service technician.

Regular servicing of the aerated septic systems ensures optimal operation, reducing the risk of systems overflowing or offensive smells.

Peter Ord
Pinus Avenue 2157 Glenorie, NSW
[email protected]

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