Bushfire Threats! Prepared?

                                        Ready to assist with fire pump selection

As a local in the Hills, I have personally seen the devastation of fires in our local area. Recent rain may have deferred the fire season but the threat is still very real and everyone must be prepared for when it hits.

Glenorie Stockfeeds and Rural Supplies is an Aussie Pump Gold Distributor, they understands that the community needs to be prepared for our coming fire season.


Glenorie Stockfeeds and Rural Supplies stock the Aussie Pumps’ including Aussie Fire Chief. It has exceptional performance, it is lightweight and portable, and comes with a 5-year warranty. The Aussie Fire Chief is powered by a 5.5HP Honda engine which starts first time every time and the hydraulic design delivers 25% more performance than any similar pumps.

The Aussie Fire Chief has been praised farmers, homeowners, and even professional firefighters. This is the pump you want on your team.

Ace Ohlsson offers the full range of Aussie fire pumps and stocks hose kits to suit, so you leave ready to protect your home. Call them on 02 4571 6400.