As we all know, it is crazy times at the moment with the Coronavirus. To minimise the risk of infection, as much as possible, everyone is advised to stay at home.

So in saying that, I think this month I should talk about what can be done around the home as it seems we are all going to be there more than we usually would.

Winter is not far away, and I am sure that our homes will get more use than usual this winter. Why not start splitting and stockpiling firewood ready for these colder months. Also, give the main unit box a clean.

I would highly recommend that you get an independent flue cleaner to come and clean your flue. Flues are dangerous when not cleaned each season as resins build up in the roof flue.

Now is also a good time, while your deck areas are not being frequently used, to give them a clean and re-oil. This preparation will help protect them from the harsh winter elements. If you take the time during winter to give your decks the attention they deserve, then they will be in great condition once spring arrives.

Now is an excellent time to sit for 5 minutes with a cuppa and make a list of all the little jobs and maintenance projects you haven’t had time to do. Once your list is made, you can purchase your hardware items so that you have everything at hand.

Other suggested home maintenance you can do in the coming weeks are, tend to your gardens and trim hedges. Weeding will keep you actively occupied as the weather we have had lately has caused massive growth and sprouting of weeds. Clean gutters and ensure that your downpipes are not blocked. Easily overlooked by a lot of residents is the cleaning of your air conditioning filters.

Another great and rewarding activity is to spring clean (albeit early) and declutter your home.

As we are all going to be more housebound than usual, these suggestions may offer rewards for our labour and the comforts of a clean and tidy space.

Keeping busy will be beneficial to your home, your mind and your health.

Take care and stay well

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