Budgerigar Society of NSW Inc Hills Branch

The joy of keeping a budgie as a pet never seems to wane; whether the joy be for a child or an older person. Enquiries are regularly received by club members, from the general public seeking assistance with information in respect of their pet budgie or wishing to obtain a bird. Whilst most club members are involved in the competitive side of breeding and exhibiting show budgerigars, they will all assist where possible to provide advice.

Recent enquires have highlighted the various ways in which this little aussie bird finds a way in becoming part of our lives. An elderly Hills Lady was moving into a Nursing Home, and unable to take her pet with her; sought the assistance of the club to find a home for her beloved pet of six years. Another request for advice revolve around a pet bird owned by a deceased spouse, where the lady was hoping that the bird would live for many years to come, as a reminder of her late husband and the mutual enjoyment of their pet.

In the past month a mother with her two kindergarden aged children obtained a pet bird from an aviary and left with two very excited children. Within a week the club member received a personnel hand drawn Thankyou, along with a picture of their pet, who they had named BOBBY. This is only one instance, for when you consider the number of Pet Shops, located across this state alone; the Budgerigar continually provides enjoyment and companionship to the young and elderly alike.

Budgie Facts:
• These birds can remember sequences of sound and sometime repeat them.

• Most Budgies will learn to say at least a few words. They are the most vocal of the pet bird species and boast very clear voices.

• Budgies are a species of parakeet.

Know the Variety :
• Cinnamonwing
Solid even colour, Wings cinnamon ( Brown ) edged with yellow and white, Tail cinnamon and blue, Dark eyes with white iris.

• Spangle Double Factor
Yellow or White body, Wings have no markings, Tail approaching full colour, Black eye with white iris.

• Opaline
Solid even colour, Black wing edged with body colour, Tail mid to dark blue, Black eye with white iris.

Care to be part of a hobby that can be enjoyed by the individual, partnership or family, then contact should be made with Ray Galbraith, by telephoning 9653-1538 or email [email protected]