With the continued lockdown of all sporting and community clubs and associations, the budgerigar society members have had more time available to breed that champion bird and undertake the domestic duties of maintaining a clean and healthy aviary. At present, the breeding season is well underway, with breeders endeavouring to put all that planning and research into practice, in respect of the individual varieties of budgerigars that a particular breeder may breed. NB. photographs of nests of blue and green series Recessive Pieds.

Again this month the branch has lost a valued member in Ron Roarty, Ron joined the Hills Branch some twenty years ago, after having been as member of the Budgerigar Improvement Society for near thirty years. The breeding of the Grey Wing and the Dominate Pied varieties, were Ron’s main choice of budgerigar variety. Ron has had Grey Wing Budgerigars represent New South Wales at National level and was a regular Hills Branch representative at State level.

Ron was a well respected person within the hobby, along with his working life within welfare organisations and on a personal basis. Always willing to pass on his knowledge and assist fellow members to know and understand the budgerigar, whether it be as a pet or breeding at exhibition standard. Being regularly seen around the show circuit, good for a chat and a stir; Ron will be sadly missed.

Know the Variety:
Grey Wing, Solid even colour, Wings grey, Mild grey tail, Black eye with white iris.

Dominate Pied, As per Normals with patches of Yellow or White.

Budgie Facts:
– The shells of budgie eggs are covered with tiny pores, which enable oxygen and carbon dioxide to pass through.

– Female budgies gain weight during the breeding season and that extra weight comes from enhanced bone density, caused by the retention of calcium.

Hills Branch meets on the 4th Friday of each month except December, at the North Rocks Community Hall, North Rocks Road, North Rocks, at 8pm, visitors are welcome. NB. No meetings until restrictions in respect of Corona Virus have been lifted.

Care to be part of a hobby that can be enjoyed by an individual, partnership or family; then contact should be made with Ray Galbraith by telephoning 9653-1538 or e-mail [email protected]