BSA Christmas Meeting Dec 2016


Bromeliads Make Wonderful Gifts for Christmas

“Looking for a usual gift for someone who has everything, than why not considering a living gift such as a bromeliad?” said Ian Hook, President, Bromeliad Society of Australia.

“Air Plants don’t need soil or constant watering, they can live almost anywhere you put them and require only regular misting or soaking to survive. They also make wonderful displays when clustered in a bowl or used in a centrepiece.”

“Bromeliads are colourful, vary in texture, drought tolerant and very low maintenance with wonderful flower spikes. The most popular are Guzmanias, Tillandsias, Vrieseas, Aechmeas and Neoregelias”

“As potted plants bromeliads are becoming increasingly popular for home-
deco styling and being eco-friendly they make exceptional displays for inside the home and can be planted in the garden, when you are ready for a change – they just keep giving” he said Membership to the Bromeliad Society of Australia is just $30 for the first year than $25 annually. If you would like to arrange a gift membership please contact the membership secretary on email: [email protected]

The Bromeliad Society of Australia will hold their next meeting at Federation Pavilion, Castle Hill Showground on Saturday, 10 December with plant sales commencing at 11am prior to the meeting. Access is via the new Showground entrance off Showground Road into Doran Drive, Castle Hill.

BSA meetings include plant sales, club news, raffles and competitions as well as providing an opportunity to meet with like-minded people in a friendly and inviting environment. Contact Ian Hook – mobile 0408202269, email: [email protected] Website:

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