Winning Smiles are delighted and gratified with their welcome into the Galston Community. They recognise that Galston is a caring, united and supportive, suburb which has the spirit and comfort of a small country town.

Winning Smiles are pleased with the response from the community who have shared their thoughts with positive testimonials, William, writes “First time here and it was the best experience ever! Everyone was super welcoming and friendly. Dr Samreen Kaur was very friendly.

I was very thankful to get a same-day appointment.” Martins says, “Dr Samreen Kaur is very professional, understanding and Fantastic!

My family and I have had such a positive experience with her as she is so kind, patient and explains clearly what needs to be done.

“I would highly recommend Winning Smile, as in all aspects, they are highly professional. Communication was clear and education invaluable. My treatment was carried out in a considerate and considered manner.” Trudy.

If you are looking for a local dentist, you can be assured that all staff at Winning Smiles are there to make your experience as enjoyable and pain-free as possible.

Please visit Winning Smiles website, ring or call into their Surgery near Aldi in Galston to speak with a Dentist.

Winning Smiles, working hard to keep you smiling brightly!

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