This photo of our 2 cats this morning. Their names are “Muma” and “Bubs” (very unoriginal names, I know).

Isn’t it amazing though,how from a small cat can grow a son so big.

It has surprised, even stunned me at times when seeing this in people- a small Mum and much larger sons or daughters.

My husband and I have 3 sons. They are all taller than I, but not too tall, for which I am thankful.

You see, although I have always been very proud of our sons, I often have been slightly embarrassed of being so short, especially in family photos.

Anyway, TODAY our middle son and his wife have had their 2nd baby boy. He weighed 4kg at birth-a large babe for his Mum.

My husband and I are delighted that he and his Mum are well and thank God for helping her have a natural birth.

On this Valentines Day, I thought I would say that we dearly love our 3 sons and their wives / partners and we dearly love our 3 Grandsons.

PS.It’s not size that matters really but a person’s heart and attitude to life and people.