Baskin-Robbins Shares the Love with Valentine’s Day Inspired Range

For the month of February Baskin-Robbins will be offering valued guests a range of products geared specifically around Valentine’s Day and the month of love. This new range features the limited edition Red Velvet and Chocolate Velvet desserts, Cake Shakes, Vertical Sundaes, specially designed Custom Made Ice Cream Cakes, and their new Flavour of the Month, Love Potion #31 Dark.

The limited edition Vertical Sundae features layers of decadence and ultimate indulgence. Starting with a layer of smooth custard, followed with a choice of either Red Velvet or Choc Velvet dessert cake, then two scoops of your choice of their famous ice cream, topped with mouthwatering hot chocolate fudge or white chocolate sauce and then finally finished off with a dollop of fresh cream and a few velvet garnishes, the ultimate dessert to share with that loved one this Valentine’s.

The great news is the return the famous Baskin-Robbins Cake Shake, now featuring the new Re or Choc Velvet desserts perfectly blended together with scoops of ice cream, creating this unique and refreshing thick shake, topped with fresh cream and velvet sprinkles. The delightfully light and tasty Red and Choc Velvet desserts can also be enjoyed just as is, they are both well complimented with a scoop of the Baskin-Robbins’ world famous vanilla ice cream.

Wanting a unique Valentine’s Day gift for your loved one this year? Guests can now order a Valentine’s Day Custom Made Ice Cream Cake, a perfect treat to share with a loved one. Custom cake options include the ‘Be Mine’ Mini Valentine Cake or the Circle of Hearts Cake, made with a guest’s choice of any one of the Baskin-Robbins premium 31 ice cream flavours.

Baskin-Robbins’ Flavour of the Month this February is Love Potion #31TM Dark, tempting guests to share their love of ice cream this month. This limited edition ice cream flavour is based on the Baskin-Robbins’ classic Love Potion #31TM, but now featuring dark chocolate ice cream rather than vanilla ice cream, including swirls of real white chocolate flavoured pieces as well as raspberry- filled hearts, and finished with a red raspberry ribbon.

Baskin-Robbins’ General Manager, David Jordan, believes their unique product ranges make the ideal Valentine’s Day treat. “Guests will love what Baskin-Robbins has to offer this Valentine’s Day, with the opportunity to surprise a loved one with an ice cream cake, a decadent Red Velvet or Choc Velvet Vertical Sundae and even a velvet Cake Shake, all perfect choices to be shared with that special someone,” said Mr. Jordan.

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