KU Galston Preschool

We are off to a great start here at KU Galston Preschool, the children are all making new friends and settling into their new routines which is fantastic.

This week we celebrated Chinese New Year, the year of the monkey. The children made their very own dragons head and musical drums that we were then able to use in our dragon dance. We decorated our classroom with Chinese signs for luck and prosperity and got our very own lucky red envelope for best wishes for the coming year.

We have been lucky enough to have a few trees removed from near our preschool and have been able to use the trunks to create and amazing climbing structure for the children. It has been wonderful to see the children resourcing their own learning as they added timber beams to drive their trucks down or to make a see saw, the problem solving and learning has been amazing.

We still have a few vacancies for 2016 on a Monday, Thursday or Friday, please feel free to visit the preschool or contact our director Rebecca Onslow 9653-2252 or at [email protected]