Australian Pump recently had the opportunity to address The Hills Business Forum on Export Activities from the district. Because they ship their Aussie designed and built products all over the world, they were able to explain the fundamentals of what makes their export programme successful.

Aussie Pumps Managing Director, Warwick Lorenz, explained that the fundamentals of the business are simple. Australian Pump staff are fanatical about analysing customer application needs and then developing products that meet those requirements. “If it will work in Australia’s outback, in mine, and on farms or even construction sites, it will work anywhere in the world” Lorenz said.

The company’s focus is always on understanding how users use the products, (pressure cleaners and pumps) for professional applications. The company’s staff seek to understand the circumstances and real requirements. That involves safety and efficiency. Efficiency means the effective use of time and that’s what the users are always keeping an eye on.

Australian Pump operates from a 2.1/2 acre factory complex in Sydney’s Norwest business district. The company is only 25 years old but is revolutionary in its approach and ships its advanced design products to all corners of the globe.

The company studies market trends and the political and economic background of the countries they work in. “If you know your market and your competition before you start you can project your advantages. If your product or service doesn’t have advantages then don’t start in the first place”, said Lorenz.

For further information on tips on export are freely available from Australian Pumps export department Valerie Kudzielko