Arcadian Quilting News

It’s becoming ‘the place to be’ on alternate Wednesday mornings. Arcadian Quilting membership has grown bringing new faces, new ideas and an energy that’s quite exciting.

The importance of being involved can be felt upon entering the room. Activities are always in progress and we all contribute in our own unique way.

That wonderful old play about social interaction, involvement and the feeling of being important, written by Oscar Wilde and first performed on stage in 1895 created in a very humorous way the need we all have to feel involved.

While the stage play… The Importance of being Earnest has been enjoyed by many over a long period of time, that satisfying feeling of inclusion can be transferred to our everyday lives, it can be felt within our ‘social groups’ – our workplaces – our Communities AND one’s name does not have to be Earnest.

Our quilting group is in full swing: moving into March we continue to replenish our Community Quilt supplies: workshops are planned giving us an opportunity to learn something new from something ‘old’ AND doing it as a group.

While continuing to support our local charity organisations through last year we found an opportunity to add two new projects, one of which is contributing quilts to Assistance Dogs Australia.

We are looking forward to the next visit from their representative Andrea Blackford and the ‘beautiful Bella’ who is an Ambassador Dog for this charity.

During their visit we will be presenting some smaller quilts; quilts suitable for children and younger clients who have anxiety and learning challenges.

While the Assistance Dog adds hugely to the peace and stability of a child’s life we hope our quilts can add an extra touch of familiarity and security too.

This is a rewarding and beautiful Charity to support and one we feel… “the Importance of being (very) earnest about”.

Above is a photo of our quilts ready to be donated.

Arcadian quilters meet on the 1st, 3rd and 5th Wednesday of each month commencing at 9.30am. Our venue is the Community Health Centre, The Glade, Galston. Please call Carole on 9894 7749 for any further enquiries.