Arcadian Quilting News – Accidental Heroes

Quite by chance recently I noticed a favourite plant had popped its head up … bravely I thought as this particular little gem had been badly nibbled by who-knows-what much earlier in the year.

But there it was … the tiny blue nodding creeper, ‘welcome back!

Just how it arrived where it did, remains another of life’s little mysteries?

As gardeners, some of you will appreciate these joys … in the early mornings or late in the afternoons when life seems peachy, all around you is at peace … what could possibly go wrong?

I relate these ‘special moments’ to (re)discovering somewhere in a drawer perhaps that perfect piece of fabric; the colour of which will compliment all others around it; the lynchpin if you will to an idea for the next new quilt … or the solution to an already tricky problem.

The perfect piece of fabric was definitely on the table when this colourful quilt was made. We appreciated being able to see this finished quilt at our first recent meeting.

We Arcadian Quilters feel our solutions are in hand at last as we can now all “meet again” … for the FIRST TIME since lockdown!

Although our Hall as the home venue is still off-limits we will continue ‘meeting in the park’ … not unfamiliar to we intrepid quilters.

Our shared ‘homework’ was one of the many topics discussed; plans were made to begin making full quilts again and our preparations can also begin for distribution of our work to the Community groups which we have supported in the past.

Keep in touch, follow what we are doing, contact Carole on 9894 7749. Continue to stay safe and continue to check on your pals too, everyone always appreciates A BIG HAPPY SMILE.