Arcadian Quilters-home sewing

Like everyone else with shared community activities our quilting group is back home again!

We are “home sewing” until further notice — fortunately, our work can be shared via the various modern methods available through the internet, but as a footnote … I recently gave consideration to carrier pigeons when our home connections had let us down for the past several weeks?

Our group has had a marvellous suggestion from our President, something to keep us together until we can sit side by side again in our familiar Hall at Galston.

A “Community Blocks Project” which will focus on Children’s Quilts and can easily be continued from our own homes.

We have the size; we have the subject; the colour and method is up to us; isn’t that a great challenge?

So, searching for inspiration I headed into the garden and I found our first SNOWDROP … now I see that as a real promise of spring!

One dash of white amidst the collection of fallen camellia heads, green leaves and the browns of bark mulch has set the scene for my colour palate.

My Covid word by the way for this month is COLOUR. home sewing

My Vaccination word for this month is VARIETY … and happily both words can be connected to Patchwork. home sewing

We still have much around us to be grateful for and perhaps that means looking in a different direction.

Looking towards someone else? Sending a “home-made” card to a friend … simply to say HI. Plenty of time to compose an email to an overseas contact or relative?

Cook that time-consuming special dish for your family (a great time to chalk up a few Brownie Points).

Most of all, look after each other, stay safe, stay warm and stay in touch. home sewing

We’re not meeting anywhere for a while BUT keep us in mind and you can call Carole on 9894 7749 for further information.