Arcadian Artists Inc.

The Galston District Community Bank Branch of the Bendigo Bank has once again endorsed its support of the community’s artistic talents with its generous donation to the Arcadian Artists Art Trail and Exhibition.

This is the Arcadian Artists’ 27th year and, as always, the trail will be open over both days of the second weekend of November, Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th.

The Arcadian Artists art trail is not only a wonderful showcase of the local area’s artistic talent, but an important community event. The hundreds of visitors who attend the exhibition every year are testament to the fact that this is really a most enjoyable cultural event in our community. As visitors come from all over the country to follow this wonderful art trail linked by a leisurely drive, we can showcase our beautiful area as well as our talented artisans.

What started out as a small group of local artists opening their studios to the local community has expanded to include a vast array of talented artists now taking part in the exhibition. This year we will have about 50 artists exhibiting at 8 venues in the Dural, Galston and Arcadia areas.

The array of artworks is bound to be eclectic with the range of artists ranging from sculptors to jewellers, printmakers to potters, painters to woodworkers.

Part of the Arcadian Artists’ charter is to support and inspire local artistic potential and, to this end, a grant to a local young artist is made every year through Galston High School.

A visit to the very detailed website at au shows the extent of the artistic talent and the beauty of the rural settings of our studios. Brochures with maps details about artists will be available throughout the community closer to this wonderful event.

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