Arcadia RFS

It has been a busy few weeks at Arcadia RFS.

The brigade was invited to attend the St Benedict’s Church Fete on Sunday 7th April. Both the Alpha and Bravo fire trucks and 9 team members attended and enjoyed chatting with members of the local community and out of area visitors.

The fete attracted a great crowd, and it was a chance for all visitors to catch up with neighbours, family and friends.

The fire trucks attracted a lot of interest from potential new junior members (in about 10 years’ time) who climbed on board to see what is inside and to check out the radios, equipment and controls.

Thank you to everyone who dropped by to chat about protecting their properties, homes, pets and their individual family fire plans.

To the very kind people who donated to the brigade on the day a huge ‘Thank You’!

On Saturday 13th April, eleven Arcadia Brigade members attended a one day first aid course conducted at the station by the First Aid Training Team from the Hornsby-Kuring-gai District office. This course is one of the many accredited training activities provided to all RFS members as well as serving as a refresher to keep skills up to date.

The course was a great opportunity for members to bandage, splint, go through snake bite procedures, anaphylactic, asthma and choking scenarios along with many other exercises in helping others in life threatening or other situations requiring first aid.

The Arcadia brigade is growing. This month saw 2 new members complete their Bushfire Fighter training and pass their assessment. Congratulations!

If you are interested or considering joining the RFS; or just discussing the possibility, we can help you get started. Just contact us by calling Roslyn on 0475 309 440 or by email [email protected]