Arcadia and Galston Residents Association (AGRA)

2018 AGM 10th July, 7.30pm at Arcadia Community Hall.

In the early 80s Arcadia Galston Residents Association grew out of the need for community representation and voice for the needs of our local community in Arcadia. The fledgling groups evolved under the umbrella of a community forum representing 2159, socially as well as politically at federal state and local government levels. AGRA is a community forum where an individual, a small group of people, an interest group can come together to achieve an ideal.

AGRA’s principle is to provide a forum for polite informed discussion to attempt to solve issues that might otherwise divide our community.

Some of AGRA’s achievements are:

• Arcadia tip – from its potential pollution of Calabash Creek, to high tech leachate control and the introduction of accepted recycling and kerbside collection.

• Lobbied and achieved Council’s Rural Land Study.

• Organized 3 car body clean ups, the tally of 1000 plus cars removed and recycled.

• Permits to allow property owners to burn off and at no cost.

• Proactive with Council to formulate a Rural Roads policy.

• Proactive in bush regeneration including a $60,000 Grant for Carrs (Carrs Cush) bush.

• Designed and progressed the improvements and maintenance of the Arcadia Community Hall.

• Galston Village Master plans.

• Drove improvements to reduce the number of blackouts with Energy Australia.

• Input on the Companion Animals Act, the difference between the city and suburban to the rural hinterland opinions of cat control.

• Supporting our local RFS after the 1994 bushfires, in compiling a list of Static Water Services and people with special needs in case of an emergency in our local community. We worked with Hornsby Police Local Area Commander and Hornsby RFS Fire Control Officer.

• Supporting the need of retaining our water standpipes in Arcadia and Glenorie.

• Not officially endorsing but in supporting local candidates who would be councillors representing the rural area from 1987 to 2004 we have had 5 councillors living in the rural area.

• In conjunction with the Rural Lands Board we established an effective rabbit baiting program which went on for several years. On one we distributed 700 flyers with 200 participants.

• Arranged spring time community bush walks in the Marramarra area.

• Save Arcadia Park for the community. In the late 1990s Hornsby, in contradiction to the Local Government Act, was preparing to give up a portion of the park to a singular interest group. It was challenged, the community still has the park, and the interest group now has an equestrian facility.

• Pressed for the retention of Galston Library.

• AGRA has held large meetings with over 200 attendees, to discuss issues such as Berowra Waters development and the inequity of land valuations.

AGRA draws upon the resources and expertise of the individuals within our community to enhance the environment, facilities and opportunities of 2159.

AGRA is seeking and gaining new community members to keep the ideals of the rural community. All welcome to come along to our next AGM.

Contact: David Ayres Public Officer at 0481 583 274 or Email [email protected] OAM President Michael Bell Secretary Barry Lees Treasurer Pam Watson

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