There are over 2 million Apps (yes it is a word now not an abbreviation) available on iPhones and Android devices. Happily they are not all games where there is a winner and loser and lots of messy stuff in between. Apps can be useful and make life easier in many cases, but a bit of research may be required. These are some of those apps I have successfully used recently.

Travel Apps

1. Airlines – for easy bookings. Sometimes I find the apps easier to use then the websites. Don’t forget you can also do your boarding pass using the app as well and just show it using your phone. No printing required.

2. Tripadvisor is great for checking out local restaurants and activities. People do express their concern about it’s accuracy but when you have no recommendations it’s a great place to start.

3. SNCB Europe was great for booking trains in Europe and again I kept the ticket on the phone.

4. GPSmyCity gives you walking guides around various cities in the world and works offline.

Reference Apps

1. AusBirds is one of the more expensive Apps but wonderful for when you are trying to identify that bird in the back garden.

2. Vivino is for the individual who wants to know more about the wine they are about to drink just by taking a picture of the label.

General Apps

1. Password or something similar to help remember all those passwords.

2. SpiritLevel if you want to make sure that picture is straight and only have your phone.

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