An Early New Year Wedding

Katrina and Mark Frost originally planned their wedding for early June, and Katrina’s parents flew up from Melbourne to attend. As with so many plans, theirs came unstuck at the airport.

Their reunion was cut short because of border closures while they were in flight. Katrina’s parents immediately boarded a return plane to Melbourne, having not even left the terminal.

Six months later, with borders open and her parents able to attend their ceremony, Katrina and Mark were finally able to be married with the support of those most important to them.

On the 3rd of January, a scorching morning, we found the soothing shade of a Plane tree in my front yard. I love doing weddings from my home as they are intimate and loving.

After the ceremony, Katrina and Mark, who lives in Arcadia, enjoyed a wedding feast at The Vintage Pantry in Galston.

Both Katrina and Mark were thrilled with the day, as it reflected their carefree approach and outlook on life.

Most important to them was that they married surrounded by those they loved, and fortunately, on the second attempt, they fulfilled their desires.