Proposed Action Group


Do you think that the suburb of your property should be changed from Glenorie to Middle Dural? Residents on the eastern side of Old Northern Road including myself are proposing to start an Action Group to make submissions to change the suburb name of eastern side properties between 1317 to 1389 Old Northern Road, Glenorie from Glenorie to Middle Dural.

In our view this makes sense because:
1. The suburb boundary at present causes confusion. On the western side of Old Northern Road, the southernmost Glenorie property is approximately 1 kilometre north of the eastern side Glenorie property. This illogical discrepancy causes confusion for: a. Emergency service vehicles attempting to locate properties; b. Postal and other deliveries attempting to locate properties; and c. Other persons attempting to locate properties.

2. There have been recent subdivisions of properties between 1317 to 1389 Old Northern Road, Glenorie. This means that the population density has increased in this pocket of Glenorie.

3. It is illogical that it takes approximately 3 minutes to drive from the south boundary to the north boundary of Middle Dural along Old Northern Road, but approximately 15 minutes to drive from the south boundary to the north boundary of Glenorie. Glenorie is too big, and Middle Dural is too small. 4 The illogical shape of Glenorie unfairly diminishes south Glenorie property values by designating properties between 1317 to 1389 as Glenorie properties when they should be Middle Dural. 5 Internet and Siri searches for properties between 1317 to 1389 Glenorie do not land on the correct location. This is because the suburb boundary simply does not make sense.

If you wish to join and/or support the Proposed Action Group, please contact me on either 0413 853 331 or email [email protected].

I am a Solicitor of McAuley Hawach Lawyers and am also a resident of one of the affected properties.

A portion of Old Northern Road has Middle Dural on the left (as you are heading north) and Glenorie on the right. This makes no sense. One side of the road is Hills Shire Council and the other Hornsby Council which perhaps explains the discrepancy.

The impacted properties if the change was to be made would be Freemans Lane and 1313 to 1389 Old Northern Road, Glenorie inclusive.

Attached is a photograph of the sign on the eastern side which we are hoping to move north to Wylds Road.

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