Hornsby Councillor, Emma Heyde, is helping turn Hornsby’s e-waste into a way of helping women experiencing domestic violence.

Councillor Heyde has been collecting unwanted phones from residents across the Shire. The phones are delivered to Andrew Mackenzie at iPulse Phone Repair in Dural. Andrew, and his technicians, wipe the phones and recondition them for free, ready for the Women’s Community Shelters, to give to clients. A clean, un-tracked phone provides a woman with a safe way of reaching out for help.

“My goal was 100 phones,” said Councillor Heyde. “And I’ve collected 109 in a week. The community has been amazing in helping turn e-waste into a valuable resource.”

Any phones that are too old to be used can be stripped for parts that are used to repair other phones. This avoids the need for important new phone parts.

“It’s an awesome example of how we can do more locally to recycle e-waste. The basic ingredients in this story are generosity from the community and Andrew’s skill in repairs. Add in the love and support from the incredible team at Women’s Community Shelters and it adds up to a great way of supporting vulnerable people who need special care,” Councillor Heyde said.

If you want to participate, please contact Emma on [email protected]