The Next Generation of Duke of ED

Duke of Ed

Galston High School has a long association with the Duke of Edinburgh Award, having guided countless students through the program to unlock their personal best. Duke of Ed is a regular and popular feature of the school’s extracurricular activities bringing students together to challenge themselves in new and exciting ways. The next generation of Galston […]

The Centre is the Home of Summer Netball

Summer Netball Pacific Hills Christian School

While outdoor summer netball competitions are always popular during the winter months, The Centre in Dural is the place to play netball throughout the Summer season! Players nominate their own team, so you can enjoy playing with your friends year-round. Or sign your outdoor team up to stay connected over Summer and continue to improve […]

Dural Country Club Bowling Club

Dural Country Club

ANOTHER SUCCESSFUL CARNIVAL! Monday 22nd June Dural Country Club Bowling Club held their second Living Choice 3 bowl triples Carnival. The day started with the greens being covered in a heavy fog, which soon lifted and the day turned into perfect 24 degrees conditions for bowling. 28 teams – a total of 84 bowlers participated, […]

Home Care – Who Will Be Visiting Me at Home?

Home Care

This is a question that we are often asked at Just Better Care. You’ve organised to have in-home care support. You’re told it will make a difference and help you to stay living at home independently. Your next concern is ‘Who will come? What will they be like? Who are they?’ Most of the advertising […]

Harlem Nights The Secret History of Australia’s Jazz Age

Jazz Age

Castle Hill Library, Thursday 11 August 6.30pm- 7.30pm | Tickets $8.20pp Join author and historian, Deirdre O’Connell, as she tells the untold story of Australia’s Jazz Age. The 1920s were a time of wonder and flux, when Australians sensed a world growing smaller, turning faster-and, for some, skittering off balance. American movies, music and dance […]