Dural Country Club Bowlers at the Top of Their Game!


DOUG AND GLEN WIN PAIRS TITLE AT DURAL BOWLS! After many interruptions due to Covid and weather our 2021 Men’s Major Pairs Competition was finally able to be played on January 29th with the winners being Doug Farlow and new player Glen Davey defeating previous winners Tom Trovato and Greg Smith 22-14. The playing conditions […]

Hoarding Help Now Available Online


ARE YOU OR A LOVED ONE FACING ISSUES WITH HOARDING? EXPERT HELP IS AVAILABLE ONLINE THROUGH THE SUCCESSFUL BURIED IN TREASURES PROGRAM. Reality television shows like Channel Nine’s Space Invaders or the American version Hoarders attract a wide audience – it can be cathartic and fascinating to watch people go through the process of clearing […]

People in Your Community Need Your Help!


The Covid-19 pandemic has seen a critical shortage of workers in Home Care. Are you studying to be a nurse or a community care worker? Or perhaps you have your qualifications and are ready to support people who are older, or who have disabilities, and who live in your local community. Your skills and knowledge […]

A hug wrapped in a quilt-Arcadian Quilters


This is about the only time of the year when everyone can welcome everyone else to the ‘New Year’ ahead …. and we are no exception. So, welcome friends to 2022. We look forward to sharing this promising year with you in the wider community, sharing our ideas, our achievements and our hopes of spreading […]

Maximising Your Investment Property’s Income


Whether you’re looking to buy your first investment property, renting out your family home, or growing your portfolio, it’s important to continuously look at ways to optimise the income from your investment. UNDERSTAND WHAT RENTERS WANT Keep an eye on real estate trends to ensure you are meeting the expectations of the rental market. Air […]

What’s New at Round Corner Dental


We have had a busy start to the year at the practice and have enjoyed catching up with our patients after the holiday season. We recently held a Volunteer Day with the help and guidance of the Australian Dental Health Foundation. The mission of the ADHF is to bridge the gap between those who can […]