1st Dural Scouts

A group of our 1st Dural Scouts attended the 25th Australian Jamboree during the January school holidays in South Australia. They all had a fantastic time and here are a few of their reflections of AJ2019:

“The Australian Scout Jamboree was held in South Australia at a place called Tailem Bend. The camp was a great success. With comments from the Scouts like: “That is a camp I will never forget”. ”I will miss my camp mates from other troops, the activities were awesome and we had the best campsite”. “It was hot and dusty, but no one cared because we where so busy doing stuff”.Many of the scouts that went, formed friendships that will last years. The leaders from our troop where just amazed at how well the Scouts ran their campsite. It was almost a holiday for leaders! Well done Scouts South Australia for running an excellent Jamboree.” – Tegan, Alex and The Wolf

‘Jamboree definitely gave a strong start to the new year, it was not just any Scout camp, it was the gathering of a community. Jamboree provided access to activities and events that I have wanted to try since forever but never got the chance to.Despite the actionpacked days and the overall experience, my personal favourites were badge trading and the excessive amounts of freedom we get. I sure underestimated the value of badges prior to the Jamboree, but after a few easy trades with the executives, I was the one that made other people jealous. For myself, I have received way more freedom in Jamboree than in my day-to-day life. We roamed freely in Adelaide and Tailem Bend, whilst making our own decisions to practically anything. Jamboree, as they said, was definitely an event of a lifetime, and the memories it created will stay in my mind forever’. – Adrian

Scouting gives the youth of today opportunities to grow, develop responsibility and go on great adventures. It provides them with personal challenges and teaches positive values and leadership skills.

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