Would you send your child to a centre with no toys?!

DOORAL EARLY LEARNING CENTRE is a purpose built, modern child care facility located in Middle Dural. We accept children from six weeks of age to six years of age. We also offer Before and After School Care and have a Vacation Care Program. We are surrounded by the beautiful rural environment The Hills District is known for, and encourage our children to become passionate about taking care of the environment. We are conveniently located across the road from Middle Dural Public School.

There is a misconception that younger children ‘just play’ when in that play is HOW they learn. Here at Dooral ELC we are a team of advocates for early childhood who share the belief in the importance of play and ensure even the youngest voices are heard. The children’s interests are what drives our program. Extending on their curiosities and theories leads to a deeper knowledge and understanding of the world around them. We also strongly value the outdoors and believe there is no such thing as weather too hot or too cold- it’s all about the clothing! Inviting children to jump in puddles and experience the elements enhances cognitive development along with fostering their sense of adventure.

Now, getting back to whether you’d send your child to a centre with no toys? Well, while we have many toys at Dooral ELC our Early Childhood Teacher and Educational Leader has previously removed all the toys for three months creating a TOY FREE environment. The results were astounding. The children’s creativity and imagination ran wild while their ability to concentrate improved, their self-confidence grew, they learnt how to socialise, work as a team, problem solve, and take risks. Children are incredible, they are more capable and competent than many people realise or want to believe. While we haven’t yet created a toy free environment, we can promise you it will happen in the near future! For now, we are creating play spaces with natural and open-ended materials which inspire much learning. The power of play should never be underestimated.

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