Wisemans Ferry Road Damages Due to Flooding

Wisemans Ferry Rd at Little Cattai Creek ( AKA — Kangaroo Flats, Cattai S’s, Bungool, Pelican Brief, Broadwater) Wisemans Ferry Road at Little Cattai Creek crossing has sustained substancial damage from the recent flooding.

Maroota South RFS senior members have spoken with the RMS Engineers, and they have asked to get this message to the community.

They have informed the community that the damage sustained will mean the road will not be opened for the foreseeable future. RMS have asked us to advise that there is to be no traveling on this area of the road for any reason. The road is not safe and there is potentially a risk of major accidents and subsidence.

The damage is structural, and not easily fixed.

RMS also advise they will be passing the registration details to police of any vehicle that disobeys the road closed signage.

This is very frustrating for everyone, but please be patient, and don’t pressure the road workers that have to do their job.