Winter Essentials

This is the time to review your comfort in and around the home. A cooler temperature can lure us to stay longer in our beds. This is the season when we are going to spend more time indoors and therefore finding a cozy place to sit down and relax is very important.

Have a good look at your bed and pillow. Are they providing you the support and comfort that you deserve during this season? One creative way is to opt for an electric bed that provides a lot of great features including various flexible positions and pressure relief while in the bed.

If you do not like the idea of an electric bed, have you considered just replacing your existing mattress with an electric mattress? This innovative mattress provides all those wonderful features an electric bed can offer. A comfortable sleeping surface is the first winter essential.

The second winter essential is a rise recliner or a lift chair. It is helpful in two ways: the rising action helps you stand up and sit down independently. The reclining action can make you more comfortable, to the extent of becoming a temporary bed. It is important to know what to look for while selecting a Rise Recliner.

Our third winter essential is medical-grade Australian sheep skin. Along with the comfort, it can be an excellent pressure relief.

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