What Does an Aktion Club Do?

An AKtion club performs a variety of services in the community. It conducts fundraisers such as car washes, paper runs and recycling projects to raise money for the community needs. Members take turns in managing projects.

They work together to make decisions on what and how to manage projects. AKtion club members perform other community services including environmental projects, park beautification, food drives and visits to nursing homes. Aktion club partners with Kiwanis club in their projects.

Members also make time for fun and social activities. They organize discos, visits to sporting events, historical museums, parks and other places of interest.

They organise their own social and recreational events with regular meetings for companionship and event planning.

People with intellectual disability often have many skills but little opportunities to develop or apply them. They have fewer opportunities to interact with their local communities and are frequently socially isolated. Club members are given the opportunity to make valuable contributions to themselves and to the communities around them.

An AKtion club benefits its members in many ways through service and recreational activities like:
• Providing an opportunity to actively participate in hte community
• Giving back to the community
• Developing organisational, social, leadership and cerative skills
• Improving self esteem and building confidence
• Achieving personal and service goals