Now that spring has returned and winter over, have a look at your patch of garden, bush or paddock. Have you got a weedy patch that some native plants could thrive in? Do you need a Shelters or Windbreaks for your paddocks?

If the answer is yes, we can supply a large variety of hardy local providence Native Plants that will fit fill that need.

You might be aware that for some years, Landcare has been running a Free Native Plant program for local landholders. We want to support people who are clearing weedy patches, creating habitat for native species, improving conditions for their livestock or restoring a creek line and saving our waterways.

Year on year, our Native Plant giveaway has helped restore and improve land use. Where once were clumps of weeds, baked paddocks and run down creek lines, healthy plants now thrive.

Why has it worked so well? Firstly people got advice on what to plant where and how to plant and care for their plantings. Secondly the plants are strong, grown from local seed by local nurseries like Hornsby Shire Community Nursery. Thirdly they followed the advice. All this delivers higher survival rates and a lot less work.

Advice is provided by Still Creek Landcare and plants are supplied free by the generosity of local donor.

As a bonus and for a limited time we’re supplying Terraform, a soil conditioner to aid in the success rate of your planting.

Have you got a project? Are you interested in some free Native Plants? Contact Nick on 9653 2056 or send us an email at [email protected]

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