Well Done, Class of ’21!

By Craig Hingston
The announcement of the HSC results is an opportunity to celebrate the many gifts and talents that God has given to our Class of 2021 and, because Pacific Hills Christian School is a school dedicated to the holistic development of each student, it is also a chance to remember the many contributions they have made over the years – culturally, on the sporting field and in serving their community.

At the same time, we recognise the efforts of teaching staff and the support of parents during what was a challenging and disruptive year due to COVID lockdown and the need for online learning.

Well done to Sarah Messer who achieved an ATAR of 98.40. Sarah said that she has the required mark to study her course of choice: Diagnostic Radiography.

“It was a challenging year but we were well informed of all of the changes and the online teaching went well. The teachers supported us really well and always stayed in contact with us.

I had a personal study routine but I had to have a flexible schedule to keep up my motivation. My advice to the Class of 2022 is to stick it out… go with the flow…be proud of your small achievements…be open to readjusting your expectations.” Sarah was also mentioned on the Premier’s All-Round Achievers List (which is for those students who achieve over 90% in all their courses) alongside Jessica Tan.

Joshua Young was placed fourth in the state in Software Design and Development. His major work last year was designing and making a virtual reality online game which can be played when wearing a VR headset with built-in infrared cameras. The project, which requires the player to hop between rocks floating in space, took over 200 hours to complete.

A total of 84 students from the Class of 2021 achieved Band 6 (or Band E4) results and they were mentioned on the Distinguished Achievers List. This cohort included Year 12 and Year 11 Augustine Acceleration students. Band 6 results were recorded in at last one subject by 37 percent of the graduating class.

Pacific Hills is a comprehensive non-selective school seeking to honour and serve God in all that we do including using academic skills and gifts.