By Craig Hingston

Pacific Hills Christian School has welcomed spring with a huge splash of colour.

Our “Spring Celebration” included giant handmade sunflowers, multicoloured paper flowerboxes, blossom flowers, wreaths, hoops and bunting which decorated the balconies and fences of Junior School.

Staff members weren’t the only ones in a creative mood – students in the Junior School Garden Club made paper flowers.

Each child from Kindergarten to Year 4 planted a potted flower at different locations throughout the Junior School. The main entrance, stairwells, tree lined play area and classroom frontages were turned into a vibrant rainbow. The 450 pots included pansies, Swan River daisies, alyssum, nemesia, marigolds, dianthus, viola, gazania, forget-me-nots and strawflowers.

Staff member Jenni Grul said, “We did all of this as a surprise to welcome staff and students to the joy and hope of Spring and God’s creation.”

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