Warrah Society

In updating the community on the goings on at our Biodynamic Farm and Farm Shop it would be remiss not to mention the Spring weather! Many people have asked if we were happy with the October rain and of course, it was quite novel and a great benefit, but it does have its problems when falling in such large doses over a short period. Thankfully, things have settled into something more balanced in November!

Our tomato crop is looking good. This year we are growing them indoors in our new poly tunnels. We have just installed a fruit fly insect mesh around the entire lower structure and we will prune them to allow plenty of airflow. This reduces the amount of humidity within the tunnel, which will hopefully also reduce the likelihood of fungal problems. We are growing indigo, red and yellow cherries tomatoes along with a grafted Grosse Lisse. Sharing the space are Lebanese eggplant and a more traditional market variety, and a couple of beds of capsicum. The new tunnels have been a great addition to the farm, allowing for protected cropping, season extension and a place to work when the ground outside is too wet.

In terms of the produce that we source from other growers, it has been a bit challenging (but not impossible) to keep the Farm Shop stocked with everyone’s favourites. New spring crops are starting to come in. We are selling peaches and nectarines now, and the mangoes are great!

Warrah Society is hosting a Christmas Carols evening on Friday 7th December 2018 from 6.00pm. We would love to invite you and your family to join us in our beautiful setting at 20 Harris Road, Dural.

If you have not visited before, our Farm shop is open 6 days a week, providing a full selection of organic and biodynamic fruit and veggies as well as organic and biodynamic groceries, fresh meat, eggs, sourdough bread and takeaway