Warrah Society

As we celebrated 50 years since Warrah’s foundation on 23 March 1969, it has been good to dig out some old photographs and reflect on the past. Pictured above is Farmer Rose in the 1970s. Warrah’s first house – Waratah Cottage (now known as the Banksia Community Centre) was opened that in 1969 to house and educate children with disabilities and staff. However, Warrah’s earliest beginnings were actually in 1965 when a biodynamic vegetable garden was started by Karl Kaltenbach with a group of young men with disability from Inala. From those first efforts, Warrah Biodynamic Farm developed. This year we also celebrate 25 years since the Farm’s first certification.

Given that we are currently transitioning into autumn, it is remarkable to see in the Farm Shop the great variety that Australian organic farmers are still producing. Thanks to this transition and some challenging weather conditions, a few items have been in short supply over the last month; most notably bananas, cauliflowers, avocados and beans. In addition, we are still lucky enough to be enjoying delicious nectarines and grapes!

The final flush of summer blessed the Farm with a few hot days in March, but we had to batten down the hatches and brace ourselves for torrential rain too.

We have been busy planting this past month with more of our usual leafy greens of curly kale, chard, pak choi and lettuce going in, along with parsley and coriander. We have rocket, salad mix, mustards and more brassicas ready to go in too, but will struggle to get them in if the forecast of more rain proves to be accurate. Let’s hope! The leeks have taken off and are looking great, with two different varieties planted some weeks back, and more ready to go in.

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